Form Builder Software for Creating Online Forms Quickly

Form Builder Software

Over 100 form builders were looked at closely. Dozens were tested to find the 12 best online form builder apps.1 If you need to gather email addresses, customer views, or requests for new tools from your team, a top-notch form builder is a must. These tools are key to shaping the forms you require. They keep your look, keep track of what’s sent, and show you how to make the process better.1

Key Takeaways

  • Over 100 form builders were evaluated, and 12 best apps were selected after in-depth testing.1
  • Google Forms is a free, easy-to-use tool for quickly creating powerful forms.1
  • Jotform offers advanced code customisation and a wide range of widgets and question types.1
  • Feathery focuses on advanced logic and intuitive no-code controls.1
  • Typeform provides conversational forms and step-by-step help for embedding forms.1

What is a Form Builder Software?

Form builder software is a powerful tool for creating, customising, and managing online forms. It’s great for businesses, schools, and any group that needs easy ways to gather information. These tools simplify how we collect data, design forms, and analyse responses.2

Definition and Overview of Form Builder Software

This software lets users make and handle online forms quickly, without needing to be tech whizzes. It gives anyone the ability to make sharp forms, surveys, and quizzes. These items can fit well on websites and digital places.2

Key Features and Capabilities of Form Builders

Form builders have lots of useful features for different needs. They let you make forms easily, using just your mouse. You can make your forms look good with different designs and connect them to tools like Google and CRM software. These features help you make smart choices with data.2

Choosing the right form builder means thinking about how easy it is, how much you can design, what tools you can connect with, and what data help it gives. Making sure it meets your specific needs is key.2

Using form builder software can make handling data simpler and take away lots of manual work. Businesses, especially, can use them to find more leads, turn more visitors into customers, and make their client relationships stronger.3

There are lots of form builders out there. Picking the right one means looking at features, how well it connects with other tools, and the price. The best choice will help your group collect data smoothly, get more people involved, and find important insights.2

Benefits of Using Form Builder Software

Creating online forms is much easier with form builder software. The top form builder apps are user-friendly and don’t require hours of studying.4 Businesses save time by using these tools to make their forms. They also offer ways to measure the success of a form, control who sees it, and provide detailed reports.4

Saves Time and Effort in Creating Online Forms

Form builder software saves a lot of time and work when creating forms.4 They have simple drag-and-drop tools and ready-made templates. This means you don’t need to know how to code to make a form.4 The software makes it easy to gather data, removing the need for paperwork.4

Improves Data Collection and Management

Good form builder software not only makes forms but also helps with handling data.4 It has tools for analysing the forms, tracking submissions, and keeping data safe. This helps businesses make better decisions and engage with customers more effectively.3

Enhances User Experience with Customisable Forms

Form builder software can make your forms look great and work well.4 It lets businesses add their own styles and features to their forms. This ensures a smooth and interesting experience for the people using the forms.3 Organisations can create forms that match their brand and catch the eyes of their audience.3

Using form builder software can make your data collection online efficient and gives you useful information.43 This is great for getting leads, hearing from customers, or making your work processes easier. The right form builder can really help your company succeed.

Form Builder Software

Top Form Builder Software Options

When you need to make online forms quickly, many top-notch tools can help. We’ll explore the top form builders today. They offer great features and benefits.

Google Forms: Free and Easy to Use

Google Forms is perfect when time is short. It’s simple to use. Just start typing questions, and Google Forms figures out the type for you. This saves you time. Even if it’s your first form, it will turn out well.5

JotForm: Extensive Template Library and Design Options

JotForm has thousands of templates for any need. Its design editor lets you change almost everything. For deep customisations, there’s an advanced editor. If that’s not enough, you can even add your own CSS code. It’s top-notch for design flexibility.5

Typeform: Conversational Forms with Great User Experience

Typeform goes beyond simple forms; you can make polls and quizzes too. So, if long forms turn off your audience, you can still get valuable feedback with easy polls. Just one click is all it takes.5

Form Builder Software

Choosing the Right Form Builder for Your Needs

When I reviewed form builder apps, I focused on a few things. These included how easy they are to use and the ability to design and customise forms.1 It was also key that these apps made it simple to share forms and provided powerful analysis tools and some extra features.1 I checked out over 100 form builders to pick the ones that are best for making online forms.1

Evaluating Form Builder Features and Pricing

The best form builder tools are simple to understand right away. They shouldn’t need you to read lots of instructions to start using them.1 If you aim for consistent looks in all forms, or want creative ways to engage people, your form app should support that.1

1 After a thorough test, we found 12 top online form builders.1 Microsoft Forms stands out because it works in real-time with Excel and it’s free.1 Formless uses AI to offer a unique form-building experience, starting at $59 a month.1 Fillout’s AI tech lets you create all sorts of forms and starts from $19 a month.1 Jotform is great for its variety of widgets and questions, starting at $39 a month.1 Feathery is all about advanced logic and making your forms unique, starting at $50 a month.1 Google Forms is simple and free.1 Zapier lets you build forms into no-code apps automatically, from $20 a month.1 Zoho Forms is good for teams and workflows, from $12 a month.1 Paperform shines with order forms, with plans starting at $24 a month.1 QuestionScout’s focus is on detailed reports, with offers from $5 a month.1 Formstack suits regulated fields with its advanced analytics and HIPAA compliance on the Enterprise plan.1

Form BuilderPricingKey Features
Microsoft FormsFreeReal-time sync with Excel1
Formless$59/monthUnique AI-driven form-building experience1
Fillout$19/monthVersatile AI-based form building1
Jotform$39/monthPlenty of widgets and question types1
Feathery$50/monthAdvanced logic and customisation options1
Google FormsFreeEase of use1
Zapier Interfaces$20/monthAutomation and no-code app building1
Zoho Forms$12/monthTailored for teams and approval flows1
Paperform$24/monthSpecialization in order forms1
QuestionScout$5/monthEmphasis on powerful reports1
Formstack$50/monthAdvanced analytics, HIPAA compliance1

Form Builder Software

Creating Online Forms with Form Builders

Now, crafting online forms is easier than ever. Many powerful form builder tools are ready to use. I’ve tested over 100 of them and found the best. I’ll show you how to make custom forms that make collecting data a breeze.1

Step-by-Step Guide to Building Forms

If you’re new, Google Forms is a great start. Just put in your questions. The tool figures out the best way to ask them, helping you save time.1 Your form will look professional, ready for feedback or requests from anyone.

Customising Form Design and Branding

Want your form to look unique? JotForm lets you change almost everything. Use the visual editor to start. Then, if you need more, try the advanced and CSS editors.1 This helps your form fit your brand and feel great for users.

Deploying and Sharing Forms

After your form is how you want it, share it. JotForm lets you do this in many ways. You can put it on your site, make a PDF, or get its full code for custom features.1 This makes sure your form gets to the right people and works well with what you’re already doing.


What is form builder software?

Form builder software lets you make online forms easily. You can use it for surveys, gathering data, or making work processes smoother. These tools have simple interfaces, many templates, and features for design and data.

What are the key features of form builder software?

Form builder software offers simple editing with drag-and-drop, ready-to-use templates, and the chance to make forms your own. It also helps collect and manage data better, lets you share forms, and tracks how well the form is doing.

What are the benefits of using form builder software?

Using form software saves time and makes creating forms easy. It makes data collection and user experiences better. Plus, it gives insights with analytics to improve how you collect data.

What are some of the top form builder software options?

Top form builders include Google Forms, JotForm, and Typeform. Google Forms is free and simple. JotForm has many templates and lets you design your form. Typeform is good at making forms feel like conversations.

How do I choose the right form builder software for my needs?

To pick the right software, look at ease of use and the ability to design forms. Think about how you’ll share forms and the tools for analysing data. Also, check the price and features to match what you need.

How do I create and customise online forms using form builder software?

Start by choosing a template or starting from scratch. Then, make the form look the way you want. Add fields, set how data is collected, and put it where you need. Most form builders have extra features for branding, making workflows easy, and checking form success.

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