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Lead Capture Widgets

Do you know over 2,078,753 people are using Elfsight Apps? Yet, no site has its Lead Generation widgets.1 Capturing more leads usually takes a lot of time and money. But with a special method, you can boost your conversions, get more hot leads, and improve your website’s success in just 1 minute.1

Using lead capture widgets is the key. They’re advanced tools you add to your site. The Lead Generation Widget has had 3,000 hours of development, making it work with 99% of sites, like WordPress, Shopify, and more.1

Key Takeaways

  • Lead capture widgets can help you convert more visitors into leads and increase conversion rates.
  • These widgets allow you to gain more hot leads, qualify leads, and gather valuable data to optimise your marketing strategies.
  • Lead capture widgets are easy to implement, taking just 1 minute to start using.1
  • The widgets are compatible with a wide range of websites and platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, and Joomla.1
  • Diversifying lead capture strategies across various channels is essential for broadening the customer base and driving business growth.2

What are Lead Capture Widgets?

A lead capture widget boosts your website by turning more visitors into leads. It lets visitors easily sign up by sharing their email. They do this to get a reward like a useful guide.3

Converting Website Visitors into Leads

Adding a lead capture widget to your site makes it easy for people to show they’re interested. This raises your chances of getting their email. Then, you can grow a strong list of possible customers.4

Increasing Conversion Rates

These tools are great at increasing how many visitors become leads. The trick is to keep the sign-up form short, personal, and clear. These steps make the widget more effective.3

Qualifying and Gathering Lead Data

Other than just getting leads, these widgets are goldmines for information. They tell you what your visitors like and need. This helps you make every interaction with them more relevant.4

Why Use Lead Capture Widgets

Lead capture widgets help you get more warm leads. This can make your website more successful.3 They turn visitors into leads. Hence, you can create a great email list for better marketing. Plus, data from lead captures can improve your site and marketing. This can boost your conversions and help your business grow.

Gain More Hot Leads

Placing lead generation widgets in the right spots can really make a difference. They can target certain kinds of visitors, which means you get leads who are really interested.5 These widgets gather important info like names and emails. This info helps you make your marketing better.

Increase Website Success

With widgets, you can talk to your visitors in a more personal way. This makes them more likely to act.5 They also make your site easy to use. This gets visitors involved with your brand. It’s also key to try out different CTA buttons and colours. This helps your lead forms work even better.3

Lead Capture Widgets

How to Capture Leads on Your Website

To capture leads, think about using lead generation calculators on your website. They offer personal, valuable insights to your visitors. This encourages them to leave their contact details.6 You can customise these calculators for your industry. That way, visitors get solutions that fit their specific needs.

Incorporating Lead Generation Calculators

Lead generation calculators are great for gathering leads. They give visitors personalised advice or quotes. This gives them a good reason to share their contact info.6 Plus, it helps you understand what your audience needs.

User-Friendly Design and Clear Instructions

Having an easy-to-use design and clear steps is also important.6 This makes it easy for visitors to share their details. It boosts how many visitors actually engage with the feature.

Effective Calls-to-Action

Last but not least, strong calls-to-action can push visitors to do what you want. This might be signing up for emails or asking for a consultation.2 Using various platforms like social media improves your chances of capturing more leads. This, in turn, can grow your business’s revenue by turning more visitors into customers.2

Lead Capture Widgets

Lead capture widgets are tools that boost your email list and turn more visitors into leads. They have email opt-in forms, lead magnets, and survey questions.

Email Opt-In Forms

With email opt-in forms, visitors share their contact info for useful content. This encourages more people to sign up.6

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are what you give in return for contact details. They can be anything from discount codes to eBooks.6 Offering valuable items makes visitors more willing to join your list.4

Qualifying Survey Questions

Widgets may also have survey questions to learn more about visitors. This helps you better understand their needs.6

These tools are vital for growing your list and turning visitors into leads.1

Lead Capture Widgets

Embedding Lead Capture Widgets

Adding lead capture widgets to your site is easy. You just copy and paste a code snippet from the widget’s creator. These tools are flexible, coming in various styles. This means you can match them to your site’s look and feel.7

Customisable Styles and Designs

There are many design choices in lead capture widgets. You can tweak the button’s colour or the text colour. You can also edit the button text, making it up to 30 characters long.7 If you have Beyond package, you can even change the contact icon’s appearance.7

Seamless Website Integration

Integrating widgets well on your website improves how users interact. The process with Lead Capture Booster involves 4 steps.7 It also supports website builders like WIX, Webflow, or WordPress.com.7 With over 2,000,000 Elfsight-integrated sites1, setting up only takes 1 minute.1 So, using these tools is very straightforward.


What are lead capture widgets?

A lead capture widget is a tool for your website. It turns more visitors into leads. Visitors share their contact info to get a lead magnet or other valuable content. This boosts your conversion rates.

How do lead capture widgets help increase website success?

Lead capture widgets turn visitors into leads. This helps build a valuable email list. You can then target your marketing and sales better. The data from capturing leads can also improve your website and marketing strategies. This leads to more conversions and business growth.

What are the key components of a lead capture widget?

Lead capture widgets have a few main parts. These include email opt-in forms, lead magnets, and survey questions. The forms make it easy for visitors to share their info. Lead magnets give them something valuable in return. Surveys help you learn more about your visitors, like their needs or interests. This info can then help in targeting and nurturing your leads.

How do I embed a lead capture widget on my website?

It’s easy to put a lead capture widget on your website. Just copy and paste a code snippet from the provider. These widgets can be styled to match your site’s look and feel. This ensures a good user experience and more interaction with the lead capture tool.

How can lead generation calculators help capture more leads?

To capture more leads, use lead generation calculators on your site. They offer personalised value to visitors. This makes them more willing to share their contact info. Calculators also help you qualify leads. They provide important data about your visitors. You can then use this to improve your marketing and sales.

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