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Contact Form Plugins

Did you know over 6 million websites use the fast-growing WPForms?1As a WordPress user in the UK, a contact form is key. It helps visitors reach you easily and you gather info. However, with so many options, picking the right one is challenging. This article looks at top contact form plugins. It will help you choose one that fits your UK website best.

Key Takeaways

  • WordPress contact form plugins have lots of useful features. These include custom fields, spam protection, email alert, and linking with other services.
  • Key players in this area are Contact Form 7, WPForms, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, and Ninja Forms. Each has its benefits and is aimed at different users.
  • When picking a contact form plugin, consider how easy it is to use, the features it offers, customisation choices, and links to other tools.
  • It’s vital to set up spam protection and make sure your forms work well on mobile to get the best results.
  • By adding a smartly designed contact form, your website can better attract leads, gather thoughts from users, and improve communication with visitors.

What are Contact Form Plugins?

Contact form plugins are tools for WordPress. They let you make unique contact forms for your website. Every website needs a contact form. It’s a simple way for visitors to reach out, give feedback, or ask questions. With these plugins, you can add special fields, stop spam, and connect with other services easily.

Importance of Having a Contact Form

A contact form is vital for any UK website using WordPress. It lets your visitors get in touch, give feedback, or ask questions easily. A well-made form can boost how visitors interact with your site, provide useful data, and make communication better.

Key Features of Contact Form Plugins

The features in these plugins help you build better forms. Here are some of the important features:

  • Variety of field types: You can choose from many different field types like text boxes, dropdown lists, or even upload areas. This lets you get just the right info from visitors.1
  • Required fields: You can make certain fields a must-fill. This ensures you get all the essential details from visitors.1
  • Email notifications: Get an email alert when someone submits a form. This can go to you or anyone in your team.1
  • Drag-and-drop editors: With drag-and-drop, it’s easy to design forms. You won’t need to know how to code at all.1
  • Spam protection: Forms come with anti-spam features like CAPTCHA. This keeps your forms safe from unwanted submissions.1

These tools make sure visitors can contact you easily. You get the right info while keeping your forms safe and sound.

Top Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Many contact form plugins are available for WordPress websites. Here are some top picks:

Contact Form 7 is well known and easy to use. It has basic features and a simple design.2

WPForms is both powerful and easy for users. You can make custom forms with special abilities like logic rules and online payments. With prices starting at $49.50/yr, WPForms is popular, used by over 6 million sites. It comes with a free version too.1

Gravity Forms is a premium choice. It lets you design your forms with lots of options and connects smoothly with other tools. For $59/yr, you get access to many add-ons to make your forms even better.13

Formidable Forms helps you build complex forms. You can make things like surveys, quizzes, or even multi-page forms. Starting at $39.50/yr, it offers a free option and a simple way to create forms with drag-and-drop tools.1

Ninja Forms is another favourite. It’s great for beginners and lets you do things like add files to your forms. Starting at $99/yr with a free alternative, you can make both simple and advanced forms.1

PluginStarting PriceFree VersionActive InstallsAverage RatingKey Features
WPForms$49.50/yrYes5+ million4.9 / 5 starsConditional logic, payment integrations, multi-page forms, over 900+ ready-made templates123
Gravity Forms$59/yrNoData not availableN/ACustom form building, advanced field types, wide range of add-ons13
Formidable Forms$39.50/yrYes300,000+4.7 / 5 starsDrag-and-drop interface, advanced form types like quizzes and surveys12
Ninja Forms$99/yrYes1+ million4.4 / 5 starsConditional logic, file uploads, integration with popular services12
Contact Form 7FreeN/A5+ million4.1 / 5 starsSimple interface, basic features2

If you want something simple like Contact Form 7 or more advanced, these options are great. They cater to various WordPress form creation needs.

How to Choose the Right Contact Form Plugin

When picking a plugin for your WordPress site, think about these:

Factors to Consider

– Look for ease of use in a plugin. It should be simple to set up without needing lots of tech skills.1

– Check what features the plugin has. Make sure it has what you need, like different field types, multiple pages, secure payments, and tools against spam.1

– See if the plugin can be personalised. It should let you change how the form looks, add your own style, and fit with your site’s design.4

– Think about if the plugin works with other apps you use, such as for sending emails, managing customer info, or processing payments.4

– If the plugin costs money, look into the pricing and what help you can get. This info is important for premium plugins.14

Ease of Use vs Advanced Features

Finding the right plugin is about balancing simple use and advanced functions. For those new to building websites, plugins like Contact Form 7 are easy and basic, which is great.1

However, if you want more from your form, options like Gravity Forms and Formidable Forms have lots to offer. They come with tools for customising, logic, and connecting with other services. Just be ready to spend time learning them.5

Think about what you really need and how complex you’re willing to go when choosing your contact form plugin.

contact form plugins

Contact Form Plugins

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 stands out as a top choice for WordPress, with 5 million users.6 It’s both free and easy to use, making simple forms a snap to set up. The plugin lets you add text fields, dropdowns, and more. It also offers email alerts and basic anti-spam features.6


WPForms is known for its ease and depth, fitting many WordPress sites well.7 With its drag-and-drop form builder, crafting custom forms is straightforward. It incorporates special fields, links to payments, creates multipage forms, and guards against spam.7 A basic version, WPForms Lite, is available with essential form tools.7

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms takes contact forms to the next level with rich features and bespoke designs.7 Its design tool lets you make any form needed, from surveys to sign-up sheets. It connects seamlessly with various third-party apps like email platforms and CRMs.7 Although it’s a paid option, Gravity Forms excels at creating dynamic forms.7

Customising and Integrating Contact Forms

Customising your contact forms to match your WordPress site is key. It makes the user experience consistent and attractive. Most form plugins let you change things like colour, font, and layout easily.8 They also offer ready-made templates and save features for your custom designs.

Customisation Options

Some form plugins go beyond basic design changes. They let you add custom CSS for detailed tweaks. And they work well with popular page builders like Elementor.9 This integration helps your forms blend in with the rest of your site, ensuring a smooth and beautiful design.

Third-Party Integrations

Many WordPress form plugins can also connect with various third-party tools.9 For instance, they can link to email systems, CRMs, and payment services.8 By using these integrations, you can streamline tasks, gather leads, and accept payments all within your forms. This boosts your site’s performance and user experience.

Contact Form Customisation

Best Practices for Contact Form Optimisation

Keeping your contact forms safe from spam is vital. It helps your website stay reliable and keeps your inbox tidy. Most contact form plugins come with spam-fighting tools like CAPTCHA, hidden traps, and connections to services like reCAPTCHA. Using these tools means only real messages will get to you.10

Spam Protection Measures

Plugins that you use for your contact form offer several ways to block spam. This includes features such as CAPTCHA, hidden fields to catch bots, and linking with services like reCAPTCHA. These options stop automated systems from spamming you, letting the real messages through.11

Mobile Responsiveness

Today, the world is all about mobile devices. So, your contact forms must work well on smartphones and tablets. Plugins for contact forms usually make sure your forms look good and work well, no matter the screen size. They do this with things like changing the layout for mobiles and making it easy to fill in forms on small screens too.1011

mobile responsiveness

Summing It Up

Choosing the right contact form plugin is key for a top-notch WordPress website in the UK. The best plugin will be easy to use, offer advanced features, let you customise, and work well with other apps. This helps my site meet its goals and gives users a great experience.12

If I go for something simple like Contact Form 7, or a more robust option like WPForms or Gravity Forms, it’s all about bettering my site. A good contact form does a lot. It helps get leads, collects feedback, and improves how I talk to my visitors.1213

Although nowadays, I stick with Convertrr for my contact forms on all new websites I create and upgrades to existing client sites.

Using the cool features and ability to customise in these plugins makes my site smooth and inviting. This leads to more people getting involved, stronger customer connections, and a powerful online presence for my UK business.14


What are the key features of contact form plugins for WordPress?

Contact form plugins for WordPress have several important features. You’ll find various field types and options for essential fields. They also alert you through email and protect you from spam. The best part is, you can easily adjust forms using drag-and-drop tools.


What are some of the top contact form plugins for WordPress?

The top-rated contact form plugins for WordPress are Contact Form 7, WPForms, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, and Ninja Forms. Each of these plugins offers unique benefits for website owners.


How do I choose the right contact form plugin for my WordPress website?

To pick the best contact form plugin, look at how user-friendly it is and its features. Think about your options for customising forms and the plugins it can connect with. Understand the costs and what support the developer gives.


What customisation options do contact form plugins offer?

These plugins let you make forms that suit your site’s look. You can change how a form shows, with custom CSS for more tweaking. This way, your forms blend in with your website.


What kind of third-party integrations do contact form plugins offer?

Contact form plugins can mix with email and customer management tools, and services to process payments. This means you can make your work smoother and more efficient. Plus, it helps you catch potential customers easily.


How do contact form plugins protect against spam submissions?

To stop spam, these plugins come with anti-spam options like CAPTCHA and hidden traps. They can also link with reCAPTCHA and other anti-spam services. This keeps unwanted messages away from your inbox.


How do contact form plugins ensure mobile responsiveness?

These forms are made to look good and work well on any device. With responsive design, your forms will fit on screens of every size. This makes the experience great for your users, even on their phones.

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